Blew Line
| Ken Solomon | 2006 | 5:00 min.

The Blew Line video presents the process of photographing all of the red horizontal lines that I encountered over the course of a year. This daily obsession to gather data results in images of every day, universal mundane visual details united together by the “same” horizontal red line. It creates a harmony and relationship with totally unrelated elements- such as a snickers bar, with a Sol Lewitt painting with a row of kitchy bar stools.

| Lee Arnold | 2005 | 7:11 min.
In-Transit represents the experience of traveling but never arriving. The work isolates original video footage into two separate forms: line and color. The color is divided into a matrix in which each section represents an averaging of the light of the scene, while the drawing is isolated as a single-bit image. The two forms are then layered together, creating a series of moving pictures that are both literal and abstract.
Lee Arnold was born in London, and lives and works in Brooklyn. He has exhibited in New York City at VertexList, Parker's Box, Gallery 128, 55 Mercer, Golaith Visual Space, the Dumbo Arts Center, and at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles and the Berlinisch Galerie in Berlin. In his recent body of work Arnold has created a dialogue between still and moving images through works on paper and digital animations. The results of this mixing of analog and digital media represent a convergence of worlds – both real and imagined – that allow representation and abstraction to intermingle. Movement is suggested as one views a static image over time, while a fluid animation slowly breaks up into its discrete parts. Vivid colors, simplified shapes, and repeated patterns suggest abstracted landscapes and synthesized space.

| Naho Taruishi | 2006 | 6:31 min.

Untitled emerges illusions and sensory phenomena, and harmoniously interacts with viewers’ presence: capturing in the externality, translating it into their being, and reacting to the externality again. This piece consists of Jpeg images which are layered frame by frame, and faded in and out, scaled up and down. The combined still images are transformed into the moving visual symphony with tonality of computer-generated sounds.

Born in Tokyo, 1979. Naho Taruishi is a New York-based video artist. Inspired by Synesthesia, Semiotics, and Japanese calligraphy, her single-channel video works investigate the notion of interrelations between imageries and literal meanings, digitalism and naturalism, audible meanings and musical sounds, perceptions and being, and the five human senses and space.
Her works have been selected to the video art exhibitions at the Visual Arts Gallery and P.C.O.G gallery in New York and Image Forum 2006 in Tokyo, and collected by the Video Art Foundation in London and Barcelona.

Cyclops 2
| Lovid | 2006 | 9:00 min.

Dancing goes hand in hand with any reunion. LoVid and Sandin's Image Processor get nostalgic all over the dance floor. Kick up those heels!

LoVid is Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus. Using homemade electronic devices and DIY sculptural instruments, LoVid overwhelms the senses with new media in their performances, videos, objects, and installations. LoVid has exhibited and toured throughout the US and Europe, has been resident artist at Stevens, Eyebeam, Harvestworks, iEAR, and Alfred, has received grants and awards from ETC, NYSCA, and Greenwall Foundation, and is a free103Point9 transmission artist. LoVid's upcoming shows include The Butler Institute of American Art, and Neuberger Museum.

So Much White | Madeleine Gallagher | 2005 | 4:30 min.
Created for the upcoming Evidence DVD release “Iris” coming out Fall 2006 on Deep Listening. Madeleine shot hours of footage outside during a winter storm and assembled it through live image processing. While shooting this piece she fell out of a tree and broke her video camera. Many of the effects were created / influenced by the shattering of the image upon the camera’s impact from tree to ground.

Madeleine Gallagher’s interest in video and visual art has existed as an exploration of physical and visual sensation, endurance, perceptual thresholds and phenomenology. Her current body of work focuses on live video processing with experimental musicians. Gallagher has exhibited and performed in a variety of alternative and mainstream spaces in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Knoxville, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. She teaches video and installation at The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet Synched and Played Simultaneously | Michael Bell-Smith | 2005 | 4:38 min.
R. Kelly’s 12 part R&B epic mashed inward.

Michael Bell-Smith (East Corinth, ME, 1978) holds a BA in Semiotics from Brown University, Providence, RI. Selected exhibitions include: The Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland (screening) (2006); And/Or Gallery, Dallas, TX (two person) (2006); LISTE, the Young Art Fair, Basel (2006); Vilma Gold, London (2006); Foxy Production, New York (solo) (2006); BankART, Yokohama, Japan (2006); RX Gallery, San Francisco, CA (2006); Glassbox, Paris (2006); PROJEKT 0047, Berlin (2005); Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY (2005); Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (2005); Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA (2003); University of Washington Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media, Seattle, WA (2003); Eyebeam Gallery, New York (2002). His work has been featured in Time Out New York, The New York Times and Artnet.

Rite Of The Black Sun | Bradley Eros | 2006 | 10:00 min.
co-edit & digital camera: Lili Chin
sound: David Shea "Elegy for Mario Bava"
produced by Voom HD Lab

"Life is a process of involuntary oxidations." -Novalis

Rite is an alchemical process reflecting decay and regeneration in the solar realm: metaphors and abstractions for manipulated plastics burning in the gate.

Dramatically Repeating Lawrence Of Arabia | Les Leveque | 2004 | 14:43 min.
Dramatically Repeating Lawrence of Arabia is a re-edit of David Lean’s 217-minute orientalist “classic” Lawrence of Arabia into a 15-minute hallucination of repeating masculinized poses, costumes and dramatic gestures. An algorithmic structure condenses and frame-by-frame remixes the original film into a cycling of divergence, convergence and momentary mirrorings. Stripped of narrational logic and image stability and combined with a re-mix of Maurice Jarre’s “Overture from Lawrence of Arabia,” Dramatically Repeating Lawrence of Arabia transforms a Hollywood representation of heroic colonialist history into an affect of melancholy.

Les LeVeque is an electronic media artist who lives in New York City. His video production involves the destabilization of appropriated films through the misuse of persistence of vision and the phi phenomena in pursuit of an activated and physical spectatorship. His work has been exhibited internationally and is distributed by The Video Data Bank.