Out of Focus Everything: Focal Cone Blop
| Phyllis Baldino| 2006

Phyllis Baldino engages in a conceptual art practice that merges performance, video, sculpture and installation. With wit and ingenuity, Baldino uses anecdotal conceptual humor and an implied narrativity to question the function and meaning of everyday objects and gestures. Her witty inquiries are often informed by scientific or philosophical principles.

| Adam Kendall | 2006

"A Video Realization of In C" is a video interpretation of Terry Riley's seminal Minimalist composition from 1964. The score is 53 individual motifs intended for an ensemble in a rule-based but performer-determined manner.
I took liberties with Riley's performance-rules but tried to maintain piece's the spirit. It is a canon instead of independent voices/lines -- Images travel through a multi-output delay in a 4-part screen. Motifs interact by their four-part juxtaposition and through the tail of the delay mixing back into the head. The delay-times grow and shrink, meaning the motifs are not always spaced as Rily intended, and they don't overlap in strict rhythm.

Adam Kendall is multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He approaches live video as a medium as dynamic and improvisational as traditional performance arts, and he approaches composed video with a clear sense of form and counterpoint. He regularly performs and composes solo and with other artists such as Vortex and Bradford Reed, drawing from his background in improvisational, traditional and alternative techniques. His extracurricular activities include co-curating the multimedia series {R}AKE. http://www.hellbender.org


Surroundings [the ship, the shoal, the shore]
| Andy Graydon | 2005 | 6:58 min. loop

An image and sound composition, sourced from original super-8 film footage, processed ukulele and field recordings. An attempt at creating a visual harmonics. Fluctuations between micro and macro space, with attention to the symmetries of the natural environment.

Andy Graydon (b. 1971, Maui, Hawaii) is an artist and filmmaker based in New York City. His work focuses on the interaction of sound, image, and environment. Andy is interested in creating what he calls "science fiction ecologies" by engaging with the speculative and transformational qualities within an environment. Recent exhibitions and performances include work at LMAKprojects, Diapason, Art In General, Millennium Film Workshop, and Tonic. Recent sound releases are available on 12k/Term, EKO, and forthcoming from Non Visual Objects.

Brief Encounter
| Sarah Beddington | 2006 | 2:23 min. loop

Brief Encounter
is a three-channel video shot in Lebanon before the recent troubles there and is a reflection on the fragility of both the place and human experience. The central channel shows what could be a clandestine meeting between a couple seen through a dirty piece of plastic sheeting. They face one another, the man is in army uniform, talk and laugh and finally briefly hold hands while on the left hand channel a hot air balloon slowly rises beyond the Beirut Holiday Inn which is still scarred by the civil war that took place between 1975 and 1990. The right hand screen shows a cedar tree, the motif of Lebanon that is present on the flag. In this shot the tree is a symbolically immature specimen and is intermittently shrouded in a mist that undermines its materiality.

Based in London and New York, Sarah Beddington’s work includes video, painting and installation and she has shown extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA. Recent exhibitions include the Arts Council England funded site-specific installation Panoptiscope at UCL, London; the e-flux international touring project Video Rental (EVR); Vanishing Point at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio; Momenta Art, New York and Parallel Lines and Other Stories at Artlab, Berlin.