Rebelión en la Pulperia
| Rubén Guzmán | 2006 | 2:54 min.

Rebellion at the Local Store uses the technique of the tableaux vivants to reenact Rembrandt’s The Blinding of Samson (1636 Oil on canvas 206 x 276 cm). In this tableau, the characters in the painting re-present a contemporary, regional motif to the viewer. Although the end-action performed emulates the original painting, it is re-signified by the new context.

Rubén Guzmán. Born in 1959 (Argentinean-Canadian). Media Arts curator, programmer, professor and independent film and video artist. His work has been exhibited in shows and festivals around the world.

Que Tal Estrella
| Thomas Chapman | 2005 | 7:48 min.

From 2001 – 2005 the artist's cousin and his wife lived 35.5 km south of the United States border near San Diego. Actual memories assembled into a fictional story after mixing the following components: Estrella, A kidnap, shots from the tallest building in Brooklyn, a farm in Lompoc California, a German battle ship on the East River and the Autobahn in Austria.

I was born and raised in San Diego. I attended the University of California Santa Barbara for three years and graduated from Louisiana State University. I learned video editing while attending Pratt Institutes Graduate Program in 1998-9. In the Fall of 2004 I showed a Suite of Videos at Gallery Christine Mayer in Munich Germany.

Desi’re, The Goldstein Reels
| Romeo Grünfelder | 2005 | 4:00 min.

To an old celluloid film box sicks a note to be from the estate of Jack Goldstein. The S8 footage seems to be a film document, which hardly can be interpreted. Place, time and authorship cannot be dated and due to the missing data the viewer will be kept in mystery. Owing to this circumstances the investigations are still running.

born 1968; research & development of time-image/film; scient. assistant film/media philosophy HfBK Hamburg 2002-03; prod.coordination LOCOMOTION_01/_02, DigitalMediaNetwork | indep. filmprod., 3D design & animation; internship HR-TV Germany | Dipl.Vis.Com./Film 2001 m.A., HfBK Hamburg/ 2001, HMT Hamburg
awards:DocART Neubrandenburg 96; Max Ophüls Saarbrücken 97; HR-TV award Kassel 97
sholarships:Villa Aurora LA, AZB Zürich, Studienst.d.Deutschen Volkes, Rotary Club Hamburg

Science’s Ten Most Beautiful Experiments: [#2 ) Galileo’s Experiment on Falling Objects
| Jeanne Liotta | 2006 | 2:00 min.

The first real experimentalist was Galileo, who supposedly dropped a feather and a hammer simultaneously from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in order to prove by demonstration that the two would hit the ground at the same time. Approx. 400 years later that trick still works. (courtesy & sincerity, NASA 1971.)

Jeanne Liotta lives and works in New York City where she makes films and other ephemera. She also teaches widely and variously, including The New School , Pratt , The San Francisco Art Institute, and The Museum School in Boston and the Bard MFA program .Her latest project, Observando el Cielo' consists largely of 16mm field recordings of the night sky, and spans a constellation of mediums in an Emersonian framework at the intersection of art, science, and natural philosophy.

Lo-Fi Green Sigh | Kristin Lucas | 2004 | 2:20 min.

Shot on location at Biosphere 2 and in the surrounding Arizona desert, Lo-Fi Green Sigh is a playful pastiche of science fiction movie conventions, scored to ominous electronic drones. Residents of an imagined society don makeshift space-suits and play badminton among the cacti, while Lucas scans the electromagnetic spectrum with a vegetable steamer. Lo-Fi Green Sigh merges B-movie science and science fiction, with echoes of Roswell, alien life, and extra-terrestrial feedback. Synopsis courtesy of EAI.

Kristin Lucas investigates visions of future from previous decades, the physical and psychological effects of an accumulation of rapid spread, flash-in-the-pan technology, and the impact of the digital medium on perceptions of time and space. Her video, performance, installation and internet works are distributed by EAI and Postmasters in New York. Lucas received her BFA from The Cooper Union in 1994 and her MFA from Stanford University in 2006.

Storm Brains | Helki Frantzen | 2006 | 2:46 min.

In Storm Brains, a mysterious face recites the words from a city council meeting, during which council members deliberate on a problem raised by the public works director.

Helki Frantzen was born in 1976 in Holland and grew up in NY, Wisconsin and Australia. She lives in Brooklyn and works as an English tutor and teacher at various colleges around the city. She received both her BFA and MFA degrees from Bard College and has recently shown her video work in several venues around the city.

Read My Lips | Stephanie Lempert | 2:00 min.

Read My Lips is a video piece which addresses the role of language as a method of communication. I worked with speech pathologist Beatrice Dulgarian to decipher the words being “spoken” by each fish. By using a speech pathologist to “read” the fish’s lips, I draw attention to the use of language and interpretation within our society.

Stephanie Lempert was born in Dallas, Texas. She received here B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work exists in a wide variety of media including sculpture, photography and video. Her work has been exhibited domestically and internationally at places such as Socrates Sculpture Park, Weisspollack Gallery, The Moscow World Fine Art Fair, and The 2006 New York Video Festival. In April of 2007 the A.I.R. Gallery in New York will feature a solo show of her works.

Sugardaddy | Ann Murphy | 2006 | 7:00 min.

Sugardaddy is about money, freedom and the sometimes desperate scramble to make ends meet. I am commenting on endless conversations about the hegemony of landlords, the cost of real estate and rents as well as my own fantasies about becoming rich. My money fantasies range from being independently wealthy to finding a sugar daddy who will support me but not control me. Sugardaddy also considers the question, "Does money buy happiness?"

Ann B. Murphy is a video artist who works, lives and rents in Brooklyn, NY.

The Condensation of Birds | Patty Chang | 2006 | 30:00 min.

A US nuclear submarine crashed into an undersea mountain that rose up to within 100 feet of the ocean’s surface. In the film, I investigate the narrative of the crash within the space of a desert landscape in New Mexico. The film explores the metaphysical link between a Western culture based on subjectivity and a Western adaptation of an Eastern spiritual practice based on paradox.

Patty Chang is an artist based in Brooklyn. Since graduating from the University of California, San Diego, she has made many performances and video exhibitions including PS 122, NY, Mix Festival, NY, Hammer Museum, LA, Guggenheim Museum, NY, and Museet Moderna in Stockholm.